The right shower back wall for all types of showers: LivingCasa supplies creative replacement for tiles

It can be found in many German apartments: the tile mirror. But although it often seems indispensable as a wall covering in the shower cubicle, it has many weak points and is difficult to replace.

Above all, the joints on the individual tiles are a weakness of an old wall covering that is susceptible to dirt and mold. This can quickly become unsightly and sometimes even harmful to your health. However, we at LivingCasa offer an uncomplicated problem solution: the shower back walls (also: wall panels). In contrast to a tiled mirror, a contemporary shower back wall has a flat, joint-free surface. Dirt and limescale particles simply roll off this surface, they are unable to adhere. LivingCasa supplies shower back panels / wall panels for the rapid partial renovation of your bathroom: A shower back panel made of aluminum composite panels the ideal material for your personal bathroom planning (bathroom back wall).In addition, the simple processing ensures rapid renovation within a few days. The multitude of colors, decors, and motifs ( eg natural stone look , old wood, or natural motifs such as shower back walls with waterfall motif, lighthouses, or beach) enable you to design your bathroom area in a modern way. Of course also for new buildings.The selection is large: Fantastic motif shower back walls with landscapes and balanced colors as decor
A large selection of decors, colors, and motifs for your personal bathroom design is available for new builds, partial renovations, or refurbishment.The wallcovering is not only a wonderful eye-catcher in your shower room,

 but can also be applied to almost any flat surface: Above the bathtub or washbasin, behind the toilet or as a storage space – the design options are almost unlimited. The different wall panels are also ideally suited as a kitchen rear wall, for example behind the stove. Regardless of whether you opt for a tile replacement with a motif, decor in wood or stone optics (natural stone).In addition, different wall panels with different decors can be combined with one another.

For example, you can combine a shower back wall in a rustic stone look with an unobtrusive, monochrome shower back wall to create an extravagant eye -catching motif. Or you can delimit areas in the bathroom with bold colors and decors and thus set stylish accents.
A special highlight are our photo motif decors, which can also be found in our offer. At this point you have the choice between different, meaningful decors. With the variations, you can easily bring a new attitude towards life into your bathroom: Refine your bathroom with the shower back panels from LivingCasa and say goodbye to the unsightly wall tiles.

Resistant: the solid tile change from LivingCasa
With all its nobility and elegance, our shower back wall impresses with its maximum load capacity. The printed aluminum composite panels are also resistant to temperature fluctuations of up to 80 ° C, which means that the wall panels can also be used excellently as kitchen splashbacks.

The simple assembly of the shower
back wall The back walls Decodesign and Decocolor from LivingCasa impress not only with their current look (decor) and their robust nature but also with their quick and uncomplicated assembly.

The time-consuming grouting and laying of tiles is no longer necessary, the shower rear walls are simply glued over the entire surface of the installation wall.

When renovating your bathroom, it is no longer necessary to knock off and remove the old wall tile (s). The fresh, easy-care wall coverings from LivingCasa are simply placed over the old tiles – that saves a lot of time and prevents a lot of dirt.
The Decodesign wall cladding can be processed (cut to size) on site with standard tools so that any installation situation can be beautifully clad. This processing of the shower rear wall is also easily possible for the do-it-yourselfer with manual skills.

Cleaning / care / hygiene of the wall panels
The LivingCasa shower back wall is quick and easy to clean: the wall covering can be cleaned easily and conveniently with a little warm water, a splash of detergent and a soft cotton cloth. While the joints offer a large attack surface for dirt, limescale, mold and bacteria, the back wall is also easy to clean.

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