Design the aluminum composite corner shower wall yourself

Designed with the do-it-yourself in mind – this DIY shower & tub wall system.

Order your desired size | Design your own aluminum composite corner shower back wall Corner shower

Select the plate set format.

For example, if you need the dimensions 90×200 and 120×200, select
Plate set> 120×200 in the drop-down menu. In the order processing, you have the possibility to inform us about the exact dimensions.

  • Eg Left 95 cm – right 120 cm. You can also determine the height individually.

Showers U shapes

With U-shapes, choose 3x single panels, each in the size that fits your desired size.

And tell us the sizes you want in the message field in the checkout process.

  • So eg right 90 cm middle 120 cm left 100 cm

If you have any questions, just contact us.